Choro Dançado

Study Score, Downloadable

Duration 10:00 $30.00


Solos are in tenor 2 part and piano. If you have accordion, the entire piece can alternatively feature accordion instead of tenor.


Regular 5, 4, 4, piano, bass, guitar and drums. Percussion (pandeiro, is nice if available). Optional accordion part is included.

The offer contains

  • Downloadable PDF study score (transposed) for "Choro Dançado"
  • Downloadable PDF sketches from writing this work
  • Written downloadable PDF analysis by Maria to help you dig through harmonic movement and developmental ideas
  • Streamed video of Maria discussing the writing of this work
  • Streamed audio interviews with musicians that recorded "Choro Dançado" speaking about playing this work


Recorded on Concert in the Garden, "Choro Dançado" was written after my first trip to Brazil, where I fell in love with choro music. This piece doesn't follow the harmonic patterns of choro, but its counterpoint and rhythms are inspired by it.

I've found quite a lot of early sketches to this piece that I've added to this project as downloadable PDFs. There's a written analysis, and I also created a streamed video where I discuss this work. There are also streamed videos from the musicians who played this work on our recording made back in 2004 (Rich Perry, Tim Ries, and Frank Kimbrough).

Large portions of this score are also available with all three levels of composer participation - Composer, Composer ‘Plus’ and Composer ‘Plus Plus’. If you plan to become a composer participant, see what's included in those offers before making this purchase.

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