Some Circles

Score & Parts, Downloadable

Duration 6:00 $115.00

Reed Doubles

  1. Fl., Alto Fl.
  2. Fl., Cl.
  3. Fl.
  4. Fl.
  5. Cl., Bs. Cl.


Solo feature for tenor 1


5 reeds, 4 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 bass trombone or tuba, piano, guitar, bass and drums. Alto flute in reed 1 could be transposed to C flute.

The offer contains

  • Downloadable PDF Score & Parts for "Some Circles"
  • Streamed audio interview with featured tenor saxophonist, Rich Perry, from when we recorded Concert in the Garden, and with a wonderful discussion about his conception of sound, that will give insight to any saxophonist
  • Streamed video where Maria discusses the rehearsal of this piece


Recorded on Evanescence, I created "Some Circles" with tenor saxophonist, Rich Perry, in mind. Inspired and named after a Kandinsky painting of the same title, it's a slow ballad that creates some of my favorite moments on that first recording of ours. The 4th trombone can choose to play bass trombone or tuba. If you have an expressive tenor player, and some descent woodwind doublers, this is a good feature to program. It has alto flute in the first reed, but I've included an optional C flute part that you can substitute.

Your soloist will enjoy hearing Rich Perry talk about his conception of "sound," and I've created a video to help with the rehearsal and conducting of this piece.


  1. alto flute, flute (optional C flute throughout)
  2. flute, clarinet
  3. flute, tenor (solo part)
  4. tenor, flute
  5. clarinet, bass clarinet

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