Night Watchmen

Study Score, Downloadable

Duration 11:30 $30.00


Solos are in tenor 1 and trumpet 4. I sometimes I switch the tenor solo to soprano from the alto chair, but then you need to have the tenor cover the backgrounds.


Regular 5, 4, 4, guitar, piano, bass (preferably electric) and drums

The offer contains

  • Downloadable PDF study score (transposed) for "Night Watchmen"
  • Streamed audio of Ben Monder, guitar, and Ingrid Jensen, trumpet, discussing the performance of this piece
  • Streamed video of Maria discussing the writing of this piece
  • A tour of Maria's hometown, Windom, MN (streamed video) that inspired all three movements of "Scenes from Childhood"


Recorded on Coming About, "Night Watchmen" is the middle movement of "Scenes from Childhood," and features tenor and trumpet. The piece exhibits a little different harmony than anything I'd done before this. There are a lot of chords that have some "crunch" on top, with half-steps where "you're not supposed to put them" according to most rules of arranging. But in this case, I feel they give a nice intensity to the piece – a dark, sensual and verging-on-sinister sound that I was looking for. The ending also has something about it that was unique for me at the time I wrote this piece – the horns play out of time over the rhythm section, which maintains a groove.

I made a streamed video for this offer where I discuss my conception of the harmony in this piece, and have included streamed audio with two musicians that played on this recording. I have also included a streamed video from my hometown, Windom, MN, that inspired the suite, "Scenes from Childhood" of which this is the 2nd part.

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