Night Watchmen

Score & Parts, Downloadable

Duration 11:30 $115.00

Reed Doubles

  1. Fl., Sop.
  2. Sop.
  5. Cl.


Solos are in tenor 1 and trumpet 4. I sometimes I switch the tenor solo to soprano from the alto chair, but then you need to have the tenor cover the backgrounds.


Regular 5, 4, 4, guitar, piano, bass (preferably electric) and drums

The offer contains

  • Downloadable PDF Score & Parts for "Night Watchmen"
  • Streamed audio interviews with trumpet soloist, Ingrid Jensen, about improvising on this piece. Interview with guitarist, Ben Monder
  • Streamed video discussion of Maria discussing the rehearsal of this piece
  • Tour of "Windom" video (Maria's hometown that inspired this piece and all the movements of "Scenes from Childhood"


Recorded on Coming About, "Night Watchman" is an evocative piece that features tenor and trumpet (Rich Perry and Tim Hagans on the recording). If you have a good electric bass player, it's a good alternative to upright, but we now mostly play it with acoustic bass. For solos, I sometimes switch things up and have the first (tenor) solo played on soprano. In that case, it's good to cover the background parts of course.

Although "Night Watchmen" is the middle movement of the suite "Scenes from Childhood," we often play it alone. You'll want to be sure to have to have a pretty strong brass section for this piece. It takes endurance to get through the whole thing without fizzling at the end.

When you purchase this piece, you'll get access to a video where I talk about how I rehearse this piece, and you can also stream audio of interviews with Ingrid Jensen (trumpet) about playing on this piece, as well as an interview with Ben Monder (guitar).


  1. flute, soprano
  2. soprano
  3. tenor (solo in this part, but sometimes I give one of the first two reeds a soprano solo on this – you must then cover background parts)
  4. tenor
  5. baritone, clarinet

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