Last Season

Study Score, Downloadable

Duration 8:30 $55.00


Solos are in fluegel 3 and soprano 1. (I often add a bass solo before the fluegel, and have had each and everyone solo on this. It is nice to close out with soprano.


Regular 5, 4, 4, guitar, piano, bass and drums. We included an accordion part in case you find yourself doing other pieces of mine with accordion.

The offer contains

  • Mail order book: Evanescence - The Complete Scores (all scores transposed)
  • Streamed audio interviews with Ingrid Jensen, trumpet, Frank Kimbrough, piano, Rich Perry, tenor, Tim Ries, reeds, Rick Margitza, tenor, and Ben Monder, guitar
  • Streamed audio lecture where I talk about each of the pieces in the book


This book includes all nine titles recorded on my first album, Evanescence. The book opens with an interview conducted by composer/arranger/educator, Fred Sturm. Along with the book, you will receive streaming access to interviews I've conducted with many of the musicians who played and were featured on this recording. I also created an audio (streamed) lecture, where I go through each of the titles and give a little insight into what I was thinking in writing each of these nine works. Hopefully this extra content will help illuminate interesting things for anyone looking to closely study these scores.

The titles included in this book are as follows:

  1. Wyrgly
  2. Evanescence
  3. Gumba Blue
  4. Some Circles
  5. Green Piece
  6. Gush
  7. My Lament
  8. Dance You Monster to My Soft Song
  9. Last Season

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