The Sun Waited for Me

Study Score, Downloadable

Duration 7:30 $30.00


This is a tenor 2 feature, also prominently featuring trombone 3 on a lyrical melody.


5 reeds, 4 trumpets/fluegelhorns, 3 trombones, 1 bass trombone, accordion*, guitar, piano, bass, drums

*Alternatively, the accordion part could be played on vibes or violin if you do not have accordion available to you.

The offer contains

  • Study score (transposed) via PDF download
  • Original audio track from the recording (download)
  • Streamed video of Maria discussing the writing of this work


Recorded on Data Lords, “The Sun Waited for Me” was first composed in a string version plus jazz trio, entitled “How Important It Must Be” for Dawn Upshaw and the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Scott Robinson (alto clarinet), Frank Kimbrough (piano), and Jay Anderson (bass). The poetry for that song and the entire 9-piece song cycle I composed is by Ted Kooser, and the song cycle/album carries the same name as Kooser’s incredible book, Winter Morning Walks.

The combination of writing to poetry, and writing for voice and strings brought a whole new sensibility to the music. Rewriting it then for the band brought a sound I’d not have otherwise found I am convinced. I felt the vocal melody was perfect for Marshall Gilkes trombone, and that it would be a lovely feature for Donny McCaslin on tenor. You will see how I approached the various ensemble sections, and how I wrote some parts like the ending so that the trombonist could have freedom of expression. I am thankful to Ted Kooser’s magnificent poetry, or I would have never written this piece. Most things that inspire my music aren’t music. It’s dance, poetry, nature, art – there is so much out there to inspire us!

Under “Solos” and “Instrumentation” you can see what information I am giving to those that are buying sets of scores & parts for their group that may not have accordion living within 300 miles. You can see the alternative I offered, which on this piece, could be great solutions.

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