Stone Song

Score & Parts, Downloadable

Duration 5:45 $115.00

Reed Doubles

  1. Sop.
  2. Picc, Cl.
  3. N/A.
  4. Fl.
  5. Cl., Bs.Cl.


Soprano feature in reed 1. But you will need that your accordion, piano, bass player and drummer be very collaborative and almost soloistic as well.


5 reeds, 4 trumpets (cups), 3 trombones (buckets), 1 bass trombone (bucket), accordion, guitar, piano, bass, drums. This piece uses a piece of pottery with small stones baked inside. You’ll have to experiment with a rough stoneware bowl or something to approximate the sound. I’d tried stones in a small wood box, and it wasn’t bright enough. I’m sure there are creative ways to get to the sound. Porcelain is too bright, must be clay, and maybe rough in texture. You’ll need a mic nice and close to the “stone.”

The offer contains

  • Downloadable PDF Score & Parts formatted for 11X17 2-page foldable parts, or single 8.5X11 parts.
  • Original audio track from the recording (download)
  • Original audio track minus the solo (for soloists' practice)
  • Streamed rehearsal instructional video with Maria
  • Streamed interviews with players on recording


Recorded on Data Lords, "Stone Song" was inspired by the pottery of Jack Troy, in particular a piece he made called ishi no sasayaki, meaning the song inside of the stone. In this piece, the soprano soloist and the musicians surrounding him/or her, portray little stones, waiting eons to finally be bumped, pushed or rolled. For performance, finding a solution for the pottery is important, and with the help of a percussionist listening to the recording, I think you can come up with fun solutions. It’s a great piece to play live when you have players that are great listeners and collaborators. Also, you’ll want a lead player that can pop out a high written Ab near the end.

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