Don't Be Evil

Score & Parts, Downloadable

Duration 13:30 $115.00


Solos are in the bass, guitar (electric), and trombone 2. It is important to have strong players in all of these positions.


5 reeds (no doubles), 4 trumpets (harmons), 3 trombones (harmon in lead), 1 bass trombone (bucket), accordion, guitar (electronics/pedals for effects), piano, bass, drums. If you don’t have accordion, this piece is still possible to play. Vibes could be interesting as a replacement to add a little more fortification to the rhythm section if you don’t have accordion available.

The offer contains

  • Downloadable PDF Score & Parts formatted for 11X17 2-page foldable parts, or single 8.5X11 parts.
  • Original audio track from the recording (download)
  • Original audio track minus the solo (for soloists' practice)
  • Streamed rehearsal instructional video with Maria
  • Streamed interviews with players on recording


Recorded on Data Lords, "Don’t Be Evil" is named after the now discarded corporate motto of Google. A commission by David and Ginger Komar through ArtistShare, it was premiered at the Newport Jazz Festival on August 6th, 2017.

The interpretation of the horns is very important to getting a menacing and dark sound (for instance, playing with a wide, exaggerated vibrato). It’s important to have a mature trombone section that can play with a lot of bite. The drummer must be a strong player. Overall, this piece requires an eager band. The guitar, besides being a more rock-oriented soloist, also will have some full sonorities that they must play note for note.

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