Thompson Fields (The)

Study Score, Downloadable

Duration 10:00 $30.00


Solo feature for piano and guitar.


5 reed, 4 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 bass trombone, accordion (optional, but recommended), guitar, piano, bass, and drums

The offer contains

  • Downloadable PDF study score (transposed) for the composition, "The Thompson Fields"
  • Streamed video where Maria discusses the writing of this piece
  • Streamed video of Frank Kimbrough discussing his piano solo section
  • Downloadable MP3 mix of track without solos for you to experiment with harmony on your own
  • Streamed video of the premiere of this piece


The title piece of The Thompson Fields, this very personal work was commissioned through ArtistShare by Christophe Asselineau. It was our very first ArtistShare commission project.

"The Thompson Fields" has an unusual solo section in the middle that creates a bi-tonal landscape. It requires an improviser (either guitar or piano) who is willing to think outside of traditional jazz language – someone who will think coloristically, and who is willing to try and conjure up an image of the open fields, prairie, or the Midwest.

With this purchase, you can stream a video where I talk about what I was thinking in writing that section and this whole piece, and I also included a video where pianist, Frank Kimbrough, talks about the challenges of playing on such a section.

I've also included an older video from when we premiered "The Thompson Fields," so that you can see how it has morphed with time, and how it can have many different characters. I also included a downloadable MP3 track that I mixed without the solos, thinking that you might enjoy experimenting on the piano with the bitonal harmony yourself.

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