Coot Stew

Score & Parts, Downloadable

Duration 7:30 $65.00


Solos are in the piano, baritone sax, and muted trumpet 3. These could vary of course.


5 Saxes (no doubles), 4 Trumpets, 4 trombones, 4 rhythm

The offer contains

  • Downloadable PDF Score & Parts for "Coot Stew"
  • Downloadable MP3 of Maria's band playing "Coot Stew"
  • Streamed video of Maria Schneider Orchestra playing the piece
  • Streamed video of Maria talking about the rehearsal this piece
  • Downloadable PDF of rehearsal tips


"Coot Stew" is an appealing, straight-ahead piece, with a relaxed medium swing feel that gives the sax section several great opportunities to shine. The statement of the melody, a soli section, and lots of winding unison lines interacting with powerful brass figures. It was originally published by Kendor in 1990, and we've re-released it here. "Coot Stew" has solo space for piano, baritone  sax, and muted trumpet. 

This is suited for high school ensembles that are on the more experienced side or college-level bands. My band used to play this every once in a while during our Monday night tenure at Visiones in Greenwich Village. "Coot Stew" has no woodwind doubles.

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