Score & Parts, Downloadable

Duration 9:30 $115.00

Reed Doubles

  2. Fl.
  3. Fl.
  4. Cl., Bs. Cl.


This is a solo feature for alto 1.


Reed 1 (alto), Reed 2 (flute), Reed 3 (tenor), Reed 4 (tenor, flute), Reed 5 (clarinet, bass clarinet), Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Trumpet 3, Trumpet 4, Trombone 1, Trombone 2, Trombone 3, Trombone 4, Guitar, Accordion, Piano, Bass, Drums

The offer contains

  • Downloadable PDF Score & Parts for "Nimbus"
  • Streamed video of Maria giving conducting tips for this piece
  • Streamed video of the premiere
  • Streamed video with Jay Anderson, bass, and Mike Rodriguez & Greg Gisbert, trumpets
  • Downloadable MP3 version of track mixed with no bass
  • Downloadable MP3 version mixed with no drums
  • Downloadable MP3 version mixed no alto solo
  • Downloadable MP3 version mixed no piano and no solo from alto solo
  • Downloadable MP3 version mixed with rhythm


Recorded on The Thompson Fields, "Nimbus" prominently features alto sax. It requires a player who can build intensity with a degree of chromaticism. It's a dark, minor composition, but with a strong even eighth drive. 

Though it's not terribly difficult for the band, it requires a rhythm section that can carry the excitement, and needs a magnetic soloist. Along with the score & parts, we've included numerous optional mixes to give your bassist, your drummer and your soloist, and even your pianist something to practice with and to reference. The versions without horns, and without drums will surely help your bass player be able to hear the intricacy of what Jay Anderson is playing on bass. These tools will be enormously helpful and inspiring. There's also a video included where I talk about how I rehearse "Nimbus" as well.


  1. alto (featured solo)
  2. flute (throughout)
  3. tenor
  4. tenor, flute (goes high, up to Ab, and optional Bb)
  5. bass clarinet, clarinet

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